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Grass roots

Our Story and inspiration

Where to start! The important stuff of course, I am a mum of two; a beautiful daughter and son, and the founder of Love Birth.  Here at Love Birth HQ we work as a team and my partner and amazing friend Laura Morris. That really is as epic as it sounds! Both of us coming from a background of years supporting families and Laura herself has two beautiful boys and a daughter.

So, let’s get real, we know from our experience that women and their families want someone to support them during pregnancy, the epic birth moments and those first few months as a family.

As a hypnobirthing mama, pregnancy yoga teacher, birth coach,  Doula, breastfeeding supporter and birth de-briefs to name a few I decided to take my offerings to the next level.. to train Doulas.

My beautiful partner Laura, well she has been a Doula for so many families she could write a book! Years of pregnancy yoga, birth prep workshops, practicing as a 7 Words practitioner, the only way was up and to share her sagely wisdom by training others.


So, what can I say, I never had a Doula at either of my births, I totally rocked them but I can say on reflection that it would have been so amazing to have someone to talk through my fears and intentions beforehand.  To be listened to, to share and talk through my options. That someone attending the birth with me knowing how to comfort me, what to look out for, how to work with the midwives and once baby arrived to understand our needs.  So much talk of empowerment these days yet so many mums feel a little lost when baby is home. This is why I train women to be Doulas and this is also why I can offer you the opportunity to join and train with us if you feel inspired.

Working Together

Training women to support families has been life changing and I was lucky to have another wonderful lady who rocked her own births too and is out there now supporting families.  We love working as a team, it makes us so powerful, so Laura and I got together and set up the Love Birth training school.  We teach, we support, we work together.  This ethos mirrors the training we provide.


Supporting you

So, what do we offer? what can we do for YOU?

  • Support during and all the way through pregnancy so you can build a close relationship with your Doula
  • Doulas are on call around the time baby is anticipated to arrive
  • Doulas provide antenatal education, so explaining how your body changes in pregnancy and birth as well as where or how you wish to birth.
  • You can be safe in the knowledge that your Doula will be with you throughout the birth however you birth
  • Support after babies arrival, for you, for baby, both physically and emotionally
  • That each Doula here will offer different packages or bespoke packages to suit your needs
  • We believe that anyone and everyone can have a Doula, in fact we encourage it because we all know it improves the likelihood of a birth without medical assistance.
  • Continuity – that’s one person supporting you throughout! (repeating this again because it is too epic to miss!)

Love Birth Doulas provide birth support all over the UK and we are growing.

Not only will you receive all of the above support but our Doulas are individual just as much as your birth experience will be.  Every Doula offers a free interview where you can discuss your needs and their offerings.  Choosing the right Doula for you is essential and we understand this.

Tips for your first meeting and what to expect:

  • All initial interviews are held at a venue agreed with the Doula you have contacted.
  • Before you meet your chosen Doula we recommend you draft a list of questions which you wish to ask.
  • Each Doula will discuss the cost of their services with you and explain their offerings before you decide whether to engage their services.
  • Relax, this is all about you and what your family need.

If you have a general question or want to be signposted to one of our Doulas or if you think we can help you in the selection process for that first meeting send us an email and we will be happy to help.

Doula Training

Are you inspired to be a Doula?

You feel the need to support families, you want to help them have the best birth experience possible, you want a career which you love and are passionate about. Most of all you want a legacy where people remember you because you were part of the most life changing experience of their life and you made a difference.

If you truly feel a calling to become a Doula then we are here to provide the training, the support and a flourishing community of Doulas.

So, here is the deal:

  • 4 days training, 9am to 6pm
  • 550 investment
  • A folder of notes and a journal
  • Secret Facebook group access for support before and after certification
  • Option to be added to our website at a cost of 30 per year
  • 121 session with a designated tutor

To qualify you will need to take part in our interactive workshops, submit assignments and attend a 121 with a tutor to check you are on track.


We train all over the UK, and we can certainly say we are different because we DO NOT:

  • Sign you up to a franchise with license fees, postcode restrictions or limitations on what you can offer
  • Stop you from setting up on your own

2017 Courses

Bristol Doula Training: 16/17 September and 28/29 October, 9am to 6pm. Venue, central Bristol.Spaces are limited to 10 so to book please ensure you contact us or email to receive a booking form and training details.


Wondering if you have what it takes? We want you to join us if you show passion and can demonstrate you understand the needs/requirements of each family you will work with.

Also Available

Workshops & More Services

Hosted CPD workshops and courses


Each workshop will be announced on our Facebook page.

Birth de-brief

Birth is life changing and some women need to talk through their birth experience. This is a healing process and we will work together. £20 per hour so get in touch to book.

For other birth workers, and suppliers of all things birth supporting parents please contact me to be listed here. There are packages available. Let’s talk and work together.

Keeping you in the know


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